september 16

Silat Meets FMA


Don't miss out on this unique joint seminar where Silat meets Filipino Martial Arts by  Alvin Guinanao and Marcel van Dongen. An immersive seminar on October 14th and 15th that you won't want to miss!

During this event, Alvin Guinanao and Marcel Van Dongen join forces to give you the opportunity to elevate your martial arts skills. Discover the secrets of Silat, an ancient Indonesian martial art renowned for its fluid movements, strategic techniques, and use of traditional weapons, as well as impactful striking and grappling techniques. Additionally, delve into Filipino martial arts, such as Kali and Eskrima, which emphasize speed, agility, and the use of weapons such as sticks and knives, along with impactful striking and grappling techniques.

Seize this opportunity to be part of a great event that will enrich your martial arts skills, whether you're a beginner taking your first steps into the world of combat sports or an experienced practitioner looking to refine your skills. Our seminar offers a diverse program accessible to all.

Silat meets FMA seminar

Date: 14 & 15 October 2023

De Werft Kaatsheuvel
Huygenstraat 73
5171 EP Kaatsheuvel

14 Obtober: 1 pm - 5 pm
15 October: 10 am -2 pm


Ticket: €75,-
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Ticket: €55,00
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Arnis, Eskrima, Kali, Silat

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