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For the first time in the history we will organise the WEKAF European championships. Because it's an international event, we present this page in English. However, some of our post will be in Dutch. If you would like the information in Dutch, please send us an email: registration@wekaf.nl

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Attending the European Championships

The European championships are open for different Filipino Martial Arts styles. However in order to participate, you must be part of a National Team. If you want to join the National team from the Netherlands. You can send us an email: marcel.match@outlook.com.

If you want to join, but you live in an other country in Europe. Please contact the head director of the WEKAF from your own country. If you don't know him, we're happy to help where we can. So don't hesitate to send us a message.

There are several disciplines you can participate in. You are free to choose whether you want to participate in 1 or more disciplines.


The final program depends on the number of participants. It is therefore important that the different countries register their teams as soon as possible.


  • 17.00: Registration and weighing of the participants
  • 17.30: Opening ceremony
  • 18.15 Start championships Sayaw for children from the age of and Adults
  • 21.15 Award ceremony Sayaw


  • 10.00 start championships
  • Padded knife - First - Hit
  • 12.30 Break
  • 13.00 Padded stick - First - Hit
  • 16.00 Part 1 Single live stick - Full Armour
  • 17.15 Award ceremony padded knife - padded stick


  • 10.00 start championships
  • Part 2 Single live stick Full Armour
  • 12.00 Double live stick Full Armour
  • 16.00 Award ceremony

Competition board

Follow all the match and different disciplines online with our special competition board. We will update the board after every match.

Food & Drinks

During the European championships we have the possibility to order foods en drinks. You can place your order at the Sat├ękid make sure you enter the zipp code and use the special promo code. Follow the guide below here.. 

Order your special ESKRIMA menu 

How does it work?  

View the step-by-step plan and discover how you can easily have your own menu delivered to the European championships. Without additional delivery costs

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Don’t miss our training week


Stay Hydrated, Stay Competitive: Tips to Prevent Dehydration during the WEKAF European Championships

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Stay Hydrated, Stay Competitive: Tips to Prevent Dehydration during the WEKAF European Championships

Location european Championships

Heereveldendreef 8-10,
5043 EX Tilburg


There are many different accommodations to spend the night. There are many possibilities to combine the championships with the family outing by booking an overnight stay in parks such as the Beekse Bergen or the Efteling. There are also plenty of other alternatives. Below we make a few suggestions, but on websites such as booking.com you can find many more alternatives.

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